Fees at Korean consulates to increase up to fourfold

July 8, 2014

Application fee increases to be implemented on July 21 at Korean consulates across the U.S.


Korean Americans will be paying more at Korean consulate offices in the U.S. (Korea Times file)

An increase in fees for applications filed at Korean consulate offices across the United States, including requests for dual citizenship, will be implemented July 21.

Among them will be fees to renounce Korean citizenship by men who may otherwise be required to carry out their mandatory military service, the Korean Ministry of Justice announced Monday.

Under Korean law, dual citizens may renounce their Korean nationality within three months of turning 18 years of age, or after 38 years of age.

That fee, previously 10,000 won, or about $9, will be 20,000 won, or about $18.

In addition, the fee for obtaining dual citizenship, previously 50,000 won, or about $49, will see a four-fold increase to 200,000 won, or about $197.

Kim hyun-chae, judicial consul of the Los Angeles Consulate General, said they have not yet confirmed exact fees in U.S. dollars. He said those with proper paperwork can avoid the newly increased fees if they file before July 21.