Ex-soccer star Song Jong-gug files for 2nd divorce

October 6, 2015
song jong-gug

Song Jong-gug, left, and Park Ip-seon.

Ex-South Korean national team soccer player Song Jong-gug is getting divorced for the second time. He and his second wife Park Ip-seon agreed to go their separate ways, according to various reports Tuesday.

The 36-year-old played a key role as a lock-down defender in his country’s victories against Poland, Portugal, Italy and Spain in the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Park, also 36-years-old, is an actress.

Song ended his previous marriage of two years on May of 2005, and and the two were introduced to each other on December of 2006. They have been married for over nine years but cited personality differences as the primary reason for the split.

“I feel sorry for not being able to take care of him adequately,” Park told reporters. “I hope that he will find more happiness in future. No matter how hard we tried, the marriage was impossible carry on .We are sorry for not being able to show a better side of us, despite everyone’s concern.”

Park will take custody of their two children Song Ji-a and Song Ji-wook.