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Efficient Learning

February 29, 2016
Moses H. Chang  West Ranch High  Grade 11

Moses H. Chang
West Ranch High
Grade 11

As the cost of tuition is constantly rising, it is crucial for students to develop methods that will help them get the most out of their education and future careers.

Everyone can agree that getting an education is perhaps one of the most important and basic requirements in order to find higher success in society. Those who possess a higher education will inevitably be more likely to be successful than those who do not, and lately, the number of individuals who can not afford a higher education are increasing as the cost of tuition and enrollment fees accumulate.

Knowing this, it is important for students to discover the jobs and careers they are passionate about in order to learn more productively.

Being passionate about a future career is the most critical component needed to get the most out of one’s education. Having a passion for a type of work or subject means that the individual is enthusiastic about his or her career; passionate workers will enjoy putting in more time and effort into their work, thus always producing higher quality results than those who do not.

Without a passion for learning, one would, naturally, only complete the minimal amount of work needed to satisfy their required quotas.

Being passionate about learning however, means that one aims higher than what is expected of them and enjoys further developing their skills. Discovering one’s own passions will unmistakably drive them to work harder in and out of school since being more enthusiastic towards a career allows the individual to have fun with learning.

All students should find a future career they are passionate about, so that they may voluntarily work harder in school and thus get more out of their education.

Being passionate about learning is the driving force that helps students get more out of a higher education.


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