Classic erotic film ‘Eoudong’ reborn

November 20, 2014

A poster for the upcoming “Eoudong: Unbridled Flower.”

The classic 1985 erotic film “Eoudong” has been reborn, with the remake due to hit theaters in December.

A poster for the upcoming “Eoudong: Unbridled Flower” was recently released, sparking speculation over how faithful the film will be to the original.

The 1985 film famously gripped viewers with its eroticism. Lee Bo-hee, who played the heroine, won the best actress award at the Grand Bell Awards in 1986.

Directed by Lee Soo-sung, the new film tells the story about a gentry woman from the Joseon Dynasty who, after being betrayed by her husband, relegates herself to become a prostitute named Eoudong and works to exact her revenge.