Class-action lawsuit filed against Korean American trucking companies

May 26, 2015
rows of cargo containers. Fun fact: the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports handle about 40 percent of cargo for the entire country. (Courtesy of Dirk Dallas via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Rows of cargo containers. (Courtesy of Dirk Dallas via Flickr/Creative Commons)

By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

Three truck drivers, including one Korean American man, are suing six different Los Angeles-based trucking companies, including three operated by Korean Americans, for allegedly violating labor laws.

The lawsuit alleges that each of the six companies underpaid employees while also wrongfully classified them as independent contractors rather than full-time employees to avoid giving benefits among a myriad of other accusations.

One of the plaintiffs claimed that he had been working roughly 16-20 hours per day, four days a week.

The Korean American driver claimed that he had worked nearly 85 hours a week and was not compensated for a significant portion of his labor.

The three plaintiffs are representing approximately 100 workers who were or still are currently employed by the trucking companies.

The lawsuit is looking for $150,000-$200,000 in compensation per driver involved in the case.