Burberry launches fund for underprivileged children in S. Korea

May 6, 2015
(Courtesy of Twitter)

(Courtesy of Twitter)

By Park Si-soo

British fashion brand Burberry has joined with Korean charity Beautiful Foundation to help underprivileged children here, the two organizations announced Wednesday.

Burberry donated 200 million won (about $184,000) to the charity, which will use the funds to run various work-experience programs for unemployed dropouts and children of low-income families. Part of the Burberry fund will be used to provide scholarships to underprivileged children.

“This will become a model case of a win-win partnership between a global company and a non-profit organization,” said Park Joon-seo, the foundation’s secretary general. “I hope the fund will bring fundamental change to benefit children’s quality of life.”

Burberry and the Beautiful Foundation jointly launched a similar program in 2012, giving some 340 students an opportunity to find their talents through work experience programs. Burberry has donated 1 percent of its earnings before taxes to charities around the globe, according to the foundation.